splurge or steal

I love a good room divider. They’re so great in rooms where you have the space to create some separation without the intrusiveness of a wall. You can create an area to read, relax, put your kids (or friends) on time out… the possibilities are endless. Or if you live in a studio, it gives off the feeling of having more than one room.

splurge or steal

Back when the Rachel Zoe Project was on TV, I was obsessed with anything and everything RZ. One of my favorite things she did on her blog was “save or splurge,” “splurge or steal,” something of the sort. Naturally, we all instinctually want the splurge, it’s just not always attainable.

So here is my version, for home. Natural fiber striped rug…

lighting. is. everything 🙌🏼

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! It’s time to set the mood... And did you know that Wayfair.com sells really great lighting at affordable prices? They sell just about everything you need for your home - not just lighting. So to make sifting through thousands of pages online a little less intimidating, here are a few of my very favorite lights…

The heart background is actual wallpaper from Wayfair -  click here  to view.

The heart background is actual wallpaper from Wayfair - click here to view.

Under each of the images below, click the first part of the title to be taken to the direct link at Wayfair.com. Or click on the second half where it says “More…” to view more. Enjoy!


wall so hard

As my new Instagram friend Arlyn Hernandez wrote last week, “I’m tired of vanilla.” AMEN, girl… A-men! The white wall, white home, all white everything fad is done (I mean it’s not, it’s not done at all, but I’d sorta like it to be). Let’s paint, let’s wallpaper, let’s add… wait for it… Color! You don’t live in an insane asylum (although some of us pry should). The end of 2018 is near, so let’s mix it up and have some fun, mmm k?


Kenneth James Arcadia Banana Leaf wallpaper available at Amazon Home. CLICK HERE to view/purchase.


to the window... TO THE WALL ⚡️

On the hunt for unique-looking wall hooks, I stumbled across these super fun, funky, solid oak Lucie Kaas wall hooks. From Ziggy Stardust to Salvador Dali, Coco Chanel to Karl Lagerfeld, and a pirate to a thief, these hooks are perfect for adding a hint of quirk to any room. If only there was a Vin Scully…


find of the week

Interior lighting is one of the most important features of your home. Bad lighting - is simply - the worst. If I could afford to be boujee enough to install lighting in every drawer or cabinet upon opening, well, I one-hundred percent would. That, my friends, is goals af.

Snooping around on Amazon (per usu), I found this light fixture that would work great for a closet, half bathroom, pantry, or hallway, for only $18.65. And if you order today, it'll arrive by Sunday... Because Amazon Prime is life. Match it with a round bulb (as shown) or an Edison bulb and voila.

Create for Life - Retro Vintage Industrial Mini Painting Metal Rustic Flush Mount - Ceiling Light - Pendant Light

Create for Life - Retro Vintage Industrial Mini Painting Metal Rustic Flush Mount - Ceiling Light - Pendant Light

Visit Amazon to view or purchase by CLICKING HERE

must read: unreal for real

We always need books. It's truly one thing I could never have enough of. Plus, bookshelf styling and decor is so hot right now. And the trend of flipping books, pages facing out, on bookshelves has allowed me display all my books, because now people can't make fun of me for reading the entire Twilight series... But I digress. 

My childhood friend, Adam Mars, is an artist in Los Angeles. He's constantly in the gallery circuit of art shows and has several displays of street art around LA. Shameless plug: he also created my logo. Over the years I've read a handful of stories and articles written by Adam, and a few months ago, he asked me if I would proofread his book. I always knew today would come... His first book Unreal for Real has launched. And I am so proud to display what is probably an embarrassing amount of copies around my home. And to be clear, all spines face forward. 

Unfolding like a greatest-hits collection of coming-of-age adventures, Unreal for Real follows artist Adam Mars from wild adolescence into wilder adulthood. Whether he’s partying as a middle-schooler at a rock star’s mansion, surviving an armed drug raid in college, or being tied-up by an untamed dominatrix in his thirties, the racy tales in this comedic collection of true-life stories offer unique insight into the pursuit of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Other binge-worthy accounts of family dysfunction, vacations gone wrong, and random romance expose a dynamic humorist with very little to hide. 

Unreal for Real - by Adam Mars

Unreal for Real - by Adam Mars

To visit the Unreal for Real website, CLICK HERE

To purchase on Amazon, CLICK HERE

find of the week

Real talk: Everyone loves Amazon Prime. And with the addition of Amazon Home, well, things got a lot more exciting for us all. I stumbled across this super-cute planter and had to share. Prime shipping and under $60 for a large, decorative, ceramic planter.

                      Geometric Ceramic Planter by Rivet | 8.7" h x 10.25" dia

                      Geometric Ceramic Planter by Rivet | 8.7" h x 10.25" dia

CLICK HERE to be taken directly to Amazon to view/purchase.